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One of the most exciting outdoor activities to do is snowmobiling. If you have always wanted to explore snowmobiling, Saskatchewan is the right place for you. With over 1000 miles of snow here, the region offers a beautiful snow cover, as though it was made just for you to have fun. 

The place looks so dreamy, your vacation could look straight out of a movie. Plus, the adrenaline rush keeps you excited and enthusiastic throughout. 

Let us give you insights into the routes that offer the best snowmobiling experience. Here is a list of our featured routes: 

  1. Nipawin-Arborfield route

Nipawan is home to the Boreal forest, the famous Tobin Lake and Nipawan Dam. The most exciting part of Nipawan could be your possible encounter with the wildlife here. Snowmobilers love the groomed snowmobile trails here and consider staying over here as well. Also, let you tell you this interesting fact that Nipawan dates back to 1600, giving the place some stories and history to it. 

You can plan to cover Nipawin, Aylsham, Zenon Park and Arborfield once you start from Nipawin along this snowmobile route. Long miles of snowmobiling opportunities in the Pasquia Hills make the route along a top snowmobiling destination. 

  1. Carrot River- Hudson Bay route 

Carrot River is around 260 kilometres of groomed snowmobile trails. Location is the primary advantage of Carrot River as one can either experience the extended snow belt of Pasquia Hills or just carry on riding around towns. The carrot river area lets you experience some beautiful lakes along the way. 

This place offers both cabin accommodation and stays in the town. Hudson Bay boasts the beauty of the boreal forest, making it a very scenic landscape. This is not just a place to pass by but a great destination to spend the weekend in. One might as well say that Hudson Bay makes it to the list of favourite destinations for snowmobilers as the forest has so much to offer them. 

The snow here is mostly fresh and deep, making it a great place for snowmobiling. With around 6 feet of snow during the season, this place is home to 680 kilometres of groomed snow trails. These snow trails have about 12 warm-up shelters offering you great hospitality all along. 

  1. Tisdale-St.Brieux Route 

Snowmobiling town

Located east of Melfort, Tisdale is home to around 4000 friendly and warm people. It may feel like a small town but will not fall short of any amenities that you may want. While planning your snowmobile trail, this place will be followed by Greenwater Provincial Park, giving you an unforgettable experience and some great trails. 

This route covers Star City, Melfort and St. Brieux. You will find the cozy town of Star City placed between Melfort and Tisdale. This town is renowned to be very friendly to guests and safe for residents, making it ideal for a family to visit or even move into. Don’t just pass this place without stopping by and staying for a day, at least. The way they say it, “We could be a small town but we have a big heart here all of us”. 

  1. Greenwater Lake Provincial Park-Weeks Route

This beautiful snowmobile trail encompasses Greenwater Lake Provincial Park, porcupine plain and weeks. You will notice that this route is blessed with rolling hills and breathtaking landscapes. Experience some pristine and well-groomed snowmobile trails of Saskatchewan here in Porcupine Plain as it is located in Porcupine Provincial Forest, adjacent to Greenwater Lake Provincial Park. 

With around 170 kilometres of groomed and signed trails, the rolling hills will give you butterflies as you ride down in thrill. 

Snowmobiling towns

More about snowmobile trails of Saskatchewan

The trails in Saskatchewan are way more than what we have covered in this short guide of a blog. The community here is very supportive to plan your snowmobile trail and mapping out a great route for yourself. 

Not just the guides, but even the people in general here are very enthusiastic about snowmobiling, hunting, experiential activities and having a lot of fun as a community. Come and experience the fantastic trails of Saskatchewan and create a memorable experience. 

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