It delights us to have a community that’s so warm and hospitable. We are sure that all the villages and towns along the route will stand to offer you an outstanding hospitality filled with warmth and hugs. The snowmobile club here at Saskatchewan features towns that have historical sites, scenic tourist attractions and noteworthy places. 

The residents here will welcome you with their open arms and give you delicious food, cozy bed and a great insight on what to see. 

Explore this list of featured towns in our snowmobile club, where we take you through their amenities and offerings for snowmobilers. We have dropped the link to their websites so that you can discover all the businesses waiting to give you a memorable visit.

We are confident the towns and villages you pass along the way will offer you five star hospitality. These towns are home to many unique amenities as well as noteworthy historical sites and breathtaking tourist attractions. The residents will be happy to give you a warm bed, delicious food and the inside scoop on what to see and how to get there. We have listed several towns below with a short descriptions of the amenities they offer to snowmobilers. Visit their websites and discover all the great businesses waiting to serve you when you ride through.

Star City

Star City is a small town with a big heart, located centrally between Melfort and Tisdale. The town has amenities including a gas station/convenience store, churches, library, school (K-12), mechanical shop, insurance office, Elks community hall, Legion hall, and a community arena including a kitchen open weekly, where you can warm up & enjoy some great food. Star City prides itself on being a safe, friendly, and affordable community to live in and raise a family. Don’t drive by – stop in! Check out The Town of Star City and explore the snowmobile club here


Bjorkdale is well known as the “village in the valley”, a local treasure hidden from view as you travel Highway 23 in North East Saskatchewan. It isn’t until you’ve already arrived, that you can see the beauty of this community. Trees, hills, pasture lands – picture perfect surroundings to live, work, and play within! Valley Inn Bar and restaurant is a staple in our community with great food and all the essentials like premium gas. Bjorkdale also has the Beeland Coop located just down the street with all your grocery, confectionary and hardware needs included a cardlock for after hours. Bjorkdale is safe and affordable and a great community to raise a family in. Stop in at Bjorkdale and see what we have to offier.

Hudson Bay

Hudson Bay is a town of 1500 residents, nestled in the Red Deer Valley between the Pasquia & Porcupine Hills, making it ideal for snowmobile trails. Surrounded by the picturesque boreal forest, it is a popular destination for snowmobilers to fuel up or spend the weekend. With a variety of restaurants and accommodation options to offer. Make sure you call ahead to book a reservation.

Porcupine Plain

Porcupine Plain is located slightly north east of Greenwater Lake Provincial Park. The forests, lakes and rolling hills make this one of the most beautiful areas in the province and a definite destination to add to your sledding trip. Porcupine Plain has several accommodation options, four restaurants, a bar, two grocery stores and a fuel station. Visit their site from more details.

Carrot River

Carrot River — Saskatchewan’s OUTBACK — is located just east of Nipawin, and offers quality amenities with that genuine small town appeal. Stay overnight at one of their 3 accommodations in town, or look into cabin accommodations in the rural area. With several restaurants, 3 fuel stations, a general store Co-op, and its ideal location between communities Carrot River makes a great weekend base. Visit their page to find more details.


Nipawin is a historical town dating back to the 1600s. Tobin Lake, Nipawin Dam and the Boreal Forest are all just a short ride from the town. Enroute, you are likely to see some local wildlife. There are moose, fox, wolverine and bears in the area, to name just a few. Keep your eyes peeled and remember, the animals are much more afraid of you than you are of them. Nipawin is a great place to spend a night or to use as your home base during your snowmobile excursions. There are five or six motels and inns and no shortage of dining options, from Wild Bill’s Pizza to The Dam Smokehouse.


Arborfield is a town of 350 people located between Porcupine Plain and Nipawin, as the crow flies. Situated just a few miles from the Pasquia Hills (a huge forest of evergreens) and close to many local lakes, they also have an inn, bar, cafe and grocery store. It is a great place to warm up and grab lunch.


Melfort is a pretty little city with five accommodation options and a large number of restaurants. Melfort has every major amenity plus rinks, cinemas, bowling, and a pool. It is a great place to stop for fuel, a meal or accommodation.


Tisdale is a community of 4000 people located just east of Melfort. The town has two hotels and a motel, as well as a wide variety of restaurants, grocery stores and fuel stations. Take the trails through Greenwater Provincial Park and Kipabiskau Regional Park, and then ride into Tisdale for the night.

Zenon Park

Zenon Park is a small French village with a population of 230 people. The community has an agricultural based economy, with no amenities, but they do have an arena, community hall and friendly residents. So, if you need directions or a warm-up, swing in to their main street!


Kelvington is situated by numerous lakes, including Fishing Lake, Greenwater Lake Provincial Park and Round Lake. There are several options for accommodations in town, as well as a few restaurants and gas stations.

St Brieux

St Brieux is located between Humboldt and Melfort, near the northern tip of Lenore Lake. The town has two grocery stores and three restaurants. It is a welcoming little community and would be a nice lunch stop.


Located just east of Porcupine Plain, Weekes boasts a small Hotel with room for nine guests, bar and licenced family dining, and premium fuel for riders’ convenience. Weekes is also home to the Neely Lake Adventures cabins. Explore the snowclubs here and unlock the fun.

1000 Miles of Snow is a promotional campaign that started in 2013 by a local economic development group. The purpose of the project is to generate economic growth in the towns and communities by promoting the vast network of snowmobile trails running in and out of the participating towns.

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